Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DK Sessions Week on the Road

Been on the road the past week with our friends from Japan Ken & Nao competing and showing them some of the sights on the east coast. Below are a few pics from both Tiona & Port events some real fun waves on hand & some amazing surfing going down! All pics http://www.surfphotos.com.au/. Really happy with a 1st & 2nd but sad that it's the end of an era with Pico shocking us all at the presso with his decision to call it a day. These comps have been way more then just that it's a family reunion that has been going for 9 years just hanging & surfing with all the DK cats is what I look forward to most! DKS has an amazing vibe that is not present in any other event and it is that which will live on! Huge thanks to Pico for years of amazing work your the man!

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